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PICONJO; Tribute PICONJO; Tribute

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Everything you do is bad

Piconjo, homo_flash_Bros you are nothing but a couple of imature, lazy, stupid kids who don't deserve to own flash. Every single movie that you have made is terrible. Have you honestly done anything positive with your lives? Oh, sorry I forgot you were all TWELVE. Go cry to your mommies and stay away from computers, infact stay away from everything.

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Mega Peach Mega Peach

Rated 5 / 5 stars

TheMeEvan Rocks

Viros, you suck. beelzebuba you suck too. TheMeEvan does good work, his old stuff is real shitty and that should show everyboody what kind of shit gets onto New Grounds. This site has lost its glory, it used to be a place of great flash work, now it's who ever can get a flash and make a poorly animated, pointless cartoon that only has swears and pussy jokes get a 4? Where have we gone wrong? Evan is a good friend and he knows good work, and he isn't afriad to tell somebody that what they did is shit. If you dont like a movie write a review and say why, give some real advice, don't attack someone because they are honest in their reviews. TheMeEvan is an artist, now go crap on yourselves.

TheMeEvan responds:

This man tells the truth,

graymen graymen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Make MORE!!!!

That was great, the sound and the overall style was impressive. The backgrounds were great! I strongly encourage you to create more!